Can I pay with credit card?

We use PayPal Payments for a quick and secure way to accept payment from you. All you need is a PayPal account of your own.

All other payments to us should be through normal banking transfers to our account, which we will present to you upon a booking. This way is safe, provides full legal coverage and saves you the 3,8% which an on line payment would up mark your charter cost. We understand that this can be an inconvenience for you, but to our opinion it may protect us both from further complications.

What if I want to make additional travel arrangements?

Any additional travel arrangements required within Greece can be made through your local agents or Greek agents. Whether this is hotels, car rentals or tours we can arrange them for you.

What if I have a special occasion?

If you have a special occasion such as a birthday, honeymoon etc. we may organize any special arrangements that you require. Extra fees might be applicable.

Cancellation or Premature Termination

If cancelation is made more than 30 days from the start day of charter, 50% of charter fee.

If cancelation made less than or equal to 30 days from the start day of charter, 100% of charter fee. The Owner reserves the right to refund the said deposits only if he succeeds in letting the Yacht to another Charterer for the same period and under the same conditions. In the event that the Charterer should elect to terminate the charter and deliver the Yacht prior to the date designated in this Agreement, the Owner shall not be liable to the return of any proportional part of the hire money.

What is the difference between a bareboat skippered charter and a crewed vessel of the same size?

The Greek law. A crewed vessel employees it’s crew (or at least a number of them) on an annual base, when on a bareboat charter the skipper is your employee. Both categories have their advantages and disadvantages. They also use different type of charter contract.

Crewed vessels are more expensive. On the other hand you may book a crewed vessel for any number of days, when on bareboat a weekly turn round -especially for the peak season- is required. On crewed boats the crew is fully responsible for vessel’s condition and therefore there is no refundable deposit required from you. On bareboat the skipper is your employee (World Expeditions only suggests skippers) and therefore you are responsible for vessel’s condition, even for skipper’s actions. The need to leave a refundable deposit is always required. Crewed vessels in general offer more facilities and equipment. The nature of bareboat charters requires from yachts to be as simple as possible, for an easy demonstration to you and minimizing the chances for a problem occurred during your holidays.

To finalize our answer to this question, we must say that the above distinction is rather academic, since -according the Greek law again- the size of vessels in bareboat is limited up to 55 feet for yachts and 36 feet for power boats. The service of permanent crew at such a size vessel will deduct an unreasonable charter price. In general, crewed vessel’s size starts were the bareboat ends (55 feet for yachts and 36 feet for power boats), and the only range were both categories meet is yachts from 50 to 60 feet.

Does my mobile phone work in Greece?

Greece operates on a GSM system most European mobile phones operate here. North American mobile phones do not operate here. Should you require a mobile phone we can arrange one for you.